Tips on choosing good vitamins before purchasing

Tips on choosing good vitamins before purchasing

Tips on choosing good vitamins before purchasing!

1. Vitamin A

It strengthens the body's resistance and promotes cell regeneration to protect the mucous membrane of the mouth, airway, stomach, and intestines, and is especially important for eye vision.

Blueberries, carrots, mangoes, boiled eggs, salmon, cheese, butter, etc. are the representative foods that are rich in vitamin A.

2. Vitamins C

Vitamin C protects skin from ultraviolet rays as well as antioxidants.Vitamin C is released out of the body after 6 hours of taking, so taking it 2 to 3 times a day rather than taking a large amount at a time is a way to maximize its effectiveness.

Orange, Ashera, red pepper, guava, green pepper, and parsley are the representative foods that are rich in vitamin C.

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3.Vitamin E

It helps maintain cell membranes and acts as a powerful antioxidant. It is also essential for immune function. It aids healing of wounds and helps remove scars.

Soy, margarine, mayonnaise, and nuts are the most popular foods with vitamin E.

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4.Vitamin D

Vitamin D is usually obtained through sunlight. However, as more people are applying sunscreen these days, vitamin D deficiency is increasing, which is not enough for modern people. Vitamin D deficiency often leads to depression and increased incidence of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Egg yolks, mushrooms, etc. are the representative foods with vitamin D. 

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5.Vitamin B1

Deficient Vitamin B1 can cause severe fatigue along with poor appetite and weight loss. If you feel very tired often,

it can be improved if you take spinach, beans, nuts, and pork that are rich in vitamin B1. 

6. Vitamin B7

commonly known as Vitamin B7 Biotin , is a good vitamin for the skin and hair. Deficient vitamin B7 is prone to dermatitis and hair loss, and is rich in egg yolk, air, milk and cheese 

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